Spring Foundations: Let’s Bloom with Heather

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Wednesdays in June – 4pm PST/7pm EST

If you have been flowing with us each month, you have built up to this In this final installment of the Spring Foundation series together!!

In April, we focused on planting seeds so that in May, we could nurture our growth, and now, in June, we will grow together!!

This class will embrace the warming temperatures outside by leaning into our flexibility. Always gentle and with plenty of variations offered, this practice is designed to support YOU, wherever you happen to be on the flexibility scale. We will be relying on props to allow us to sink in a little deeper, so get creative and bring or set up near your favorite items, whether traditional, like yoga blocks, or non-traditional, like a water bottle or a window sill. Wherever you are starting from, let’s embrace the sun and bloom together.

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May 24, 2024