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Cystic Fibrosis

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Diverse Classes for Diverse Needs

Every month, we’ll feature a different teacher and class style to meet a different need within our CF community. You are welcome to attend our classes live, or practice with previously recorded classes available on-demand in our video library.

Here’s a sampling of just a few classes you’ll find in the member portal:

Multi-Level Flow

Yoga is all about how you feel, not how you look. Our multi-level classes use breath linked with motion, with a lot of options that make the practice accessible to people with diverse physical abilities.

Yoga for CF Kids

For the young, and young at heart! Our Kids Yoga classes are fun and playful, using stories and games to improve focus, build physical stamina, and empower kids with understanding and self-confidence. 

Gentle Yoga

A relaxing and less physically intense yoga practice. Focusing on the breath, gently exploring range of motion, and staying present in the moment creates an empowering practice for body and mind.

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Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and a generous community support grant from the CF Foundation, weekly classes are FREE to everyone with Cystic Fibrosis and their support network of parents & caregivers, spouses & partners, family & friends!