Are you a knitter, a quilter, a stitcher, or a maker of any kind? We’d love to see your quarantine creations!

We know that there are many of us in the CF community with hidden (or not so hidden) talents. During these past few months, perhaps you’ve found solace in making something with your hands . . . or maybe you’ve needed a bit of inspiration to get back into your passions. Whichever the case may be, we’re throwing a little get-together to share some of our favorite creations and exchange a bit of inspiration. 

Heather Brown hosts this Craftsy Corner event on Sunday, Sept 13th at 1 PM Pacific / 2 PM Mountain / 3 PM Central / 4 PM Eastern. Bring your favorite creation that you’ve made — a garment, a drawing, any handiwork that you’re proud of. We’ll do a little show-and-tell and perhaps exchange some ideas to prompt your next creative inspiration!  

This event is open to all in the CF community — you don’t have to be registered for our yoga classes to join in the fun. Sign up below, and we hope to see you there with your latest creations!