Martha Modawell joins us as our newest instructor – teaching our first ever Yoga for Caregivers class at CF Yogi! Martha is a CF mom who understands firsthand how important it is to fill your own vessel so you can support others. Martha’s class in February will be all about letting go of the control of life that we hold onto so tightly, as we learn to find joy in surrendering to the flow.

A few years ago my family and I went on a camping trip. We set up right next to the river, surrounded by pine trees and clear blue skies, it was truly the most beautiful place I have ever seen. As we camped we explored, played in the river and collected beautiful river stones.

As we walked along the river we came to a spot that had a dip in it, creating a current with a gentle flow. You could step to the top of the dip and water would rush around your legs and try to pull you. Nothing too strong . . . just a nice small current.

Suddenly our dog Tucker ran to the top, jumped in the water, and just let the flow of the current take him for a ride. He floated down about 100 yards to where the current stopped and ran back to the river bank. He did this again and again as we watched and laughed! Then of course we had to join in!

The kids rushed into the water and did just as Tucker had! They giggled and squealed as the current whisked them away. There I stood, at the bottom of the current, knee high in the river with water rushing all around me and I thought: “I’m going to try to walk against it.”

Yeah, that was not fun. I fell and hurt my knee, but I got up and kept trying to walk against the current. The second time I full on face planted in the river and ended up taking this so called “fun” current face down in the water! Discouraged, I took a break and watched my kids and dog do it over and over again, laughing and having a blast.

Finally I said: “oh f*** it, I’m trying again!”

I walked up to the top as my kids yelled “Just lay back and look at the view mom! Feel the water move you!” So I did. This time, I laid down and let the river gently float me through the small current.

The view was breathtaking! I could see the sun shining between the pines, the tops of mighty mountains and the clear blue sky. The peace I found in that moment, in letting go, was stunning.

Have you figured out where I’m going with this? This is so much like being a cystic fibrosis caregiver! We are constantly pushing against the current, trying to make things move the way we want them to, but the thing is… we can’t! We need to step back and let go. We have to enjoy the ride!

I was trying to force the current to move with me, when what I needed to do was trust it, lean into it even. I had to let go of the control and just be present.

Still to this day I fight the current of life, fall on my face and ride the river face down . . . but then I come to my yoga mat. Taking time for myself, I let go and let it flow. With an open heart I can see this caregiver journey for all the goodness it holds.

My dear friends, when you’re with me on the mat you will learn how to trust the flow. Together we will spend 60 minutes surrendering to the current of life. We will see it for all of its beauty and breathe into it. I can’t wait to help you accomplish this. Yoga and caregivers are my passion!

Our theme will be learning to let go and flow with our breath and body so we can see what a wonderful life we have been given. Join me every Saturday in February and lets ride this current we call Caregiver Life, together. Let this time flow into your heart. Let the healing finally stick.

I’ve got you.

Join Martha for Yoga for Caregivers, Saturdays in February at 1:30 PM Eastern Time. Classes are free to all CF Caregivers thanks to the support of the Boomer Esiason Foundation! All participants who complete every class in February will receive a CF Yogi – Team Boomer tank top, and will be entered into a drawing for a Team Boomer prize pack!

Register for CF Yogi here, and then find your link to join us in the Member Portal!